Benefits of Cloud Communications Systems and Cloud-Based Telephony

Did you know that 65% of consumers prefer contacting a business via telephone? Besides, an overwhelming majority of people believe that a phone call helps them get prompt responses from businesses.


By providing your front office with a unified communications system that encompasses audio, video, mobility, and collaboration — cloud communications systems are quickly becoming the ultimate tool for reducing operating costs and increasing productivity.
Read on to learn the benefits of cloud communications systems and cloud-based telephony.


1. Stable communication with less travel

If your business relies on a lot of travel, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars per year on employee travel. It’s expensive, but it’s also often a necessity to keep a business operational. However, the advent of cloud communication systems means companies can now enjoy the benefits of mobile employees without the need for travel.

The cloud-based infrastructure is a state-of-the-art, high-tech system that offers a variety of benefits, one of which is stable and reliable communication. This system has evolved with the internet, making communications easy and convenient. This system allows businesses to stay connected via their computers, cell phones, and other devices in real-time, making it a great communication tool for regional or global operations firms.


2. Complete control over your system

Communicating with your stakeholders has never been easier, nor has your ability to track what has been said and done. It’s easy to manage your cloud storage systems online from anywhere and at any given time. Also, you can analyze valuable metrics and add your users in less time.

Cloud communications systems allow you to drag and drop phone calls for busy reception positions on your browser. Besides, you can remove or add features at your convenience.


3. Flexibility and Customization

With a cloud-based communication system, you do not have to depend on hardware or software. Everything is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere and anytime. If you require any additional features like Find Me and Follow Me on your business phone systems, you can easily add them. These features allow easy link-up for your customers and employees when need be.

In addition, cloud-based telephony also allows for flexible scheduling. With this, client calls can reach the right people when needed, regardless of their respective locations. These upgrades are customizable so that you can choose the features and functionality that fit your business best.


4. Efficient Call Routing

If your call centre runs at full capacity without any additional incoming calls, ensuring that only the most important customers are reaching your agents is essential. In such cases, the ability to route calls with cloud-based telephony can save you big time. The system will dial various numbers linked with the employee. These include business phones, cell phones, and more. If still unavailable, the system will leave a message on their voicemail.

A cloud-based telephone system ensures incoming calls are routed according to priority, resulting in a more efficient call centre.


5. Call Management Capabilities

Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of cloud-based communications to improve their customer service and support. You can offer your customer to wait in line rather than hanging up and dialing your competitor through calls queuing. Business phone systems have menu options that ask questions to determine which department your customer needs to connect with.

Alternatively, you can offer your customer a callback. This helps you hold the client’s position in line for the next available agent.

Many businesses may not even realize that their communications can be automated, delegated and streamlined to reduce costly time spent on tasks that do not directly benefit the business.


6. Effortless Voice Mailing

Sometimes, your business messages can get mismanaged. This may cause confusion and stress for the individual receiving the voicemail and the intended recipient.

Cloud communications systems can help you reduce the impact of such situations. You can use the Voicemail-to-Email & Transcription feature.

This feature lets you decide to receive messages in your email. You can receive your messages as audio attachments together with written transcripts.


7. Manage Analytics at Work

With business phone systems, you can collect an array of telecommunications information. That way, you better understand what’s happening within your phone network.

You can tell the time of day when your firm gets the most calls. Also, you can analyze the average wait time for your callers and use the data to improve services and customer satisfaction.


8. Grow and Scale Your Business

The internet and new communications technology provide a broadband capacity for many businesses. So, companies enjoy the room to expand far and wide.

Cloud communications systems help your business handle large call volumes without spending much. By doing so, your company can focus more on expansion and growth.


Cloud Service Provider in Southern Alberta

Communication is a vital part of any business, regardless of your industry. It’s also an area where many businesses struggle. In fact, it’s not uncommon for companies to use a multitude of communication technologies, some of which aren’t even compatible with each other.

Cloud communications systems have realized rapid growth in the past years. Today, business phone systems not only serve as a cost-effective mechanism but are also an integral part of the communication infrastructure of many firms. These systems offer a multitude of benefits over traditional telephony systems. From hosted PBX, to unified communications and collaboration, cloud-based telephony is right for any company that’s looking to leverage the power of cloud storage.


With their many advantages, cloud systems make a valuable investment for your company. Be sure to choose the best when looking for a cloud service provider in Southern Alberta.

 If you’re looking for a better way to keep your various teams and departments connected, contact South-Alta Communications Inc. for all your business communication solutions in Southern Alberta.