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At South-Alta Communications, we understand that not all our customer’s communication needs are not the same. This is why we tailor solutions with the most current and innovative communication systems for you. Regardless of the size of your operation, we know that all businesses rely on telephones that are easy-to-use, dependable, and flexible to support future growth of your business, as well as be able to keep up with changing technologies. If you are a Small-to-Medium Business (SMB), our Cloud-Based IP Telephone Solution and our NEC SV9100 and SL2100 PBX communication platforms are what you are looking for! All of our business solutions offer the following feature options: 

Voice Mail and Auto Attendant (AA)
Diverse selection of Hosted Cloud-based IP Telephones and Peripherals
Varied selection of stylish and intuitive NEC Digital Telephones
Voicemail-to Email Messaging
Unified Communications
Excellent Warranties and Reliability
Software Assurance Programs on all the NEC platforms
Plus many other options and features

Contact us today for a free estimate and allow our company to deliver a powerful and innovative business communication solution that will be designed for your business operation and your budget!

Legacy telephone system support – Our technicians are able to service, supply, and install refurbished Nortel telephones and equipment to help you with keeping your Nortel system and telephones operational during these tough economic times. We are also able to service many of the older Mitel communication systems used for hospitality properties and small businesses.

Structured Network Cabling is one of our business diversities and our technicians are trained to design, install, and certify singlemode and multimode fiber optic cabling installations, as well as Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6A UTP data cabling for new and existing commercial customers and projects. Our technicians are manufacturer certified for structured cabling installations to provide you with quality installations that follow industry specifications to ensure the integrity of your critical data network. We design, install, and guarantee new structured network cabling using many reliable brands of cabling products such as Belden, Commscope, and Legrand. We have 2 Fluke LAN Cable Analyzers for testing every fiber and copper UTP network cable run that we install, and we can provide a ‘Passed’ test result for your assurance of a quality installation for achieving the optimum performance from your network.

Our company specializes in complete sound solutions for paging and public address systems for schools, sports complexes, businesses, houses of worship, government agencies, and health care facilities, to name a few. Our commercial sound system installations incorporate robust, high-quality TOA Canada products for their dependability and easy-to-use components. The variety of TOA sound system solutions allows the flexibility of choices to accommodate our customers' unique scenarios. With a 5 year limited warranty on the majority of TOA Canada sound products and quality installation by our dedicated team of technicians, we can design and install your new commercial sound system that is built to last.

With public address systems moving towards newer IP technology, we have the IP solution and the diversity to install the structured cabling required for any new project. We also have solutions for interfacing IP technology to an existing 70-volt public address system. 

IP Video Surveillance and Access Control are another of the company’s diversities for providing new IP video solutions using a vast selection of available AXIS IP network cameras and video recording options. Our certified technicians will work with you to design and install a new IP video surveillance system that will suit your unique business needs and environment. Along with new IP cameras, all of our video recording devices allow you to access a live view of your cameras via a smart phone app, so that you can monitor the cameras at your business wherever you are.

Apartment Intercom Access Panels – We also install new Mircom TX3 Building Intercom Panels and service a variety of older building access panels for properties that have from 4 to over 300 residents. The new Mircom TX3 building access panels are designed as a cost-effective solution that can use a basic phone line to call a resident’s landline or cell number when a visitor is requesting access into your secure apartment building. The tenant information can be easily programmed or updated from the TX3 panel by the building or property managers. The TX3 panel can also be configured to function within your apartment building with the installation of additional Mircom hardware that also uses the existing telephone wiring for each suite. In this scenario, the tenant requires a basic telephone to be connected to their suite, and this option does not require an outside line to operate. 

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