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Cloud-Hosted VoIP Business Phone Service in Alberta

At South-Alta Communications Inc., we go above and beyond to fulfil our duties as your provider of VoIP business phone services in  Alberta. We provide an extensive list of solutions that upgrade your security and communications and enhance your productivity.

We ensure that your business runs smoothly. South-Alta Communications Inc. assists you in maximizing the benefits of VoIP business phone services, Public Address Systems, access control systems and other business support services.


Contact us if you'd like to know how our VoIP business phone services and other solutions can optimize your operations. Our team is always forthcoming with information.

What Are VoIP Business Phone Services?​​

VoIP refers to “Voice Over Internet Protocol“, which means that calls are hosted over the Internet and not a standard landline or a mobile network. Traditional business phone systems force you to use phones at a specific place, which binds users to certain locations. However, with our VoIP business phone services, you can:

  • Use the same phone anywhere, whether it's your home or office

  • Make and receive calls from anywhere

  • Call from various devices


Cloud-based VoIP combines the features of traditional phone systems (or PBX) with local/long-distance phone service providers.


Would you like to learn more about our VoIP Business Phone Services in Alberta? Reach out to our team today. Read our blog more information.

  • Since data is sent over the Internet, it doesn't require you to establish traditional phone systems

  • VoIP Business Phone Services use your existing internet connection, which reduces costs

  • You can easily establish remote teams, which enhances operational efficiency


Would you like to learn more about the advantages of our cloud-hosted VoIP business phone services in Alberta? Please reach out. Our company has years of experience in assisting clients in various business fields.

The  Benefits of VoIP Business Phone Services

VoIP Business Phone


Providing the sales, installation, and service of business communication systems throughout Alberta, South-Alta Communications is pleased to offer our customers a diverse range of business solutions. We take pride in our workmanship with all that we do for you, and we support this with formal training and product warranties to ensure that, as our customer, you will receive the most professional services and innovative solutions we offer.

South-Alta Communications provides the following diversity of communication services to our business customers:

PBX Telephone Systems and Cloud-Based IP Telephones Sales, Installation, and Service

Installation of Structured Data Network Cabling – Fiber Optic and Copper

Overhead Paging and Public Address Systems for schools and businesses

IP Video Surveillance Installation and Maintenance using quality cameras and recorders
Video Surveillance Installation and Maintenance using IP cameras and recorders

Mircom Apartment Access Panel Installation and Maintenance

Wired and Wireless Audio-Conferencing Units
Engenius Long Range Wireless Telephones
wires management

WHY Choose Us?

  • Personalized and integrated services:  we provide personalized and integrated solutions based on your business's unique requirements.

  • Cost-efficiency: Depending on your budget, we can offer you cost-effective services. You will only be charged for the services that you require.

  • Easy transition: We have the solid experience to support your company with the right tools and equipment without unnecessary confusion and downtime.


Proudly providing service throughout Alberta, give us a call for service that’s dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

We’ll be happy to offer a free quote and estimate!

Our Trusted Equipment Providers

Since incorporating in 1995, South-Alta Communications Inc. has seen firsthand the products that deliver the most performance and value for our business customers. With our commitment of providing our customers with the most intuitive and advanced business communication solutions, we are pleased to offer quality products from:

NEC Canada
AXIS Communications logo
TOA Canada
Corning Fiber


As a provider of business phone services in Alberta, we can help you transition to a more efficient system.

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