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With many businesses upgrading to Hosted IP telephone services, a new paging interface is required to connect to new and existing public address equipment to allow IP phones to make paging announcements. In most cases, an IP phone user would only have to dial an extension number in your IP phone group to get access to a paging interface and then your IP phone can be used to make an announcement. An IP paging interface also supports individual zone paging and all-call paging selections, if configured.


The choices for an IP paging interface are:


  • TOA SP-11N SIP Paging Interface Module

  • AXIS Network Audio Systems and Products

  • ALGO IP Paging Adapters

  • SIP Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA) in conjunction with a Bogen TAMB2 Paging Interface Module 


New IP based public address/paging systems are also being considered for new commercial buildings or for customers that would like to upgrade their existing analog paging systems. The new IP sound systems are designed using a varied selection of IP speakers and controllers and like almost any IP device, each speaker requires a new Cat6 network cable for functionality.


Contact us today to arrange for a free evaluation and estimate for a new IP public address/paging system.

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