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We all are aware of the demands for faster networks and higher-speed Internet services for operating your business in today’s world. With the rapid and continual changes in technology, your network infrastructure also needs to be innovative to keep up with these changes. Many businesses have been upgrading their structured cabling in Southern Alberta to integrate their departments and improve productivity, and they have trusted South-Alta Communications Inc. to provide the correct network cabling solution to meet these demands.

South-Alta Communications Inc. has the knowledge and experience to design and install complex structured data cabling solutions for applications involving fiber optic and copper cabling for IP network and voice communications, IP video surveillance, IP commercial sound systems, and much more. Our structured cabling services can be easily tailored to your business and your industry needs, and all work is completed by our team of trained professionals. To request an estimate or to know more about our data cabling services, connect with us.


Structured Data Cabling is a wired cabling infrastructure that provides the end-to-end network connectivity between a network/server room and the desktop or other peripheral network devices for a dependable solution for data information transfer. Applications for Structured Data Cabling vary from providing computer network connectivity for your IP telephones, desktop computers and laptops, to WiFi access points, IP video cameras, public address systems and speakers, and a host of other network devices.


Installing the correct structured cabling infrastructure with the proper components is the key to reliable performance of your computer network.

  • Easy to manage: When implemented correctly using industry standards, structured data cabling systems are very organized and easy to maintain from the workstation to the network equipment for the business owner or IT support technicians.

  • Adaptability: If your business operations involve reliable WiFi or video conferencing services for your customers, structured data cabling will deliver the network performance to support these services. 

  • Support application and equipment: Cabling upgrades, additions, and changes will be completed efficiently for your specialized equipment and devices. Current structured cabling solutions are very dependable and they can be tailored to the growing needs of your business.

  • Supports multiple systems and applications: A properly installed structured cabling infrastructure can also support multiple network systems and business applications for a worry-free solution for your IT support team.

  • Cybersecurity: Structured data cabling systems are more reliable than using wireless technology, they have faster data transfer speed and better network security, and the ability to handle a larger number of network users.

An investment in a structured data cabling system by South-Alta Communications will provide a worry-free solution for your company for years to come. To hear about how our company can assist you with your structured cabling systems in Southern Alberta, connect with us.

Structured Data Cabling is one of the essential aspects of computer networking for your business. At South-Alta Communications, our knowledgeable staff can professionally install structured cabling products and solutions in Southern Alberta to the highest industry standard. Our skilled team of technicians have the experience for providing design, installation, and service of structured cabling in Southern Alberta for schools, businesses, sports complexes, and much more.


With more than 27 years of industry expertise, we are committed to providing our professional structured cabling services at competitive rates. When you choose South-Alta Communications Inc. for your structured cabling needs, you can be rest assured that you will be provided with the most innovative and dependable products for an unparalleled experience.


Ready to Improve Your Business’s Efficiency?

Install structured cabling for your business and avoid any bandwidth problems in the future.

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