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Protecting your commercial property is very prominent in the mind of today’s business owners. They demand a clear view from the cameras, easy access to view live video when they are away from the office, and want to be able to monitor employee and visitor access into their buildings. The products and technology that is available today from AXIS will provide you with the solution that you need now and which will continue to protect you in the future.


Available products, features, and solutions from AXIS include:


  • High quality AXIS indoor and outdoor IP cameras and Network Video Control Software and Recorders

  • AXIS building access controllers, card and FOB readers, and management software

  • Apartment intercom access panels

  • Remote access to video via a smartphone app

  • Motion detection on cameras with security alerts to smartphones


  • Easy interface to other AXIS solutions and platforms


To view all the solutions and features of the AXIS products, please visit We also have an AXIS Certified Technician on staff that can assist you with the design and implementation of these AXIS security solutions.


Our company also sells and services building and apartment intercom systems from Mircom.


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